Produced Fluid Treatment

SabreSMART™ & Produced Fluid Treatment

Sabre utilizes readily available oilfield equipment and proprietary DiKlor® (ClO₂) generation and application technology to treat produced or mixed stream (e.g. fresh, brackish, produced, waste, and flow back) fluids associated with the production of oil and gas.

The SabreSMART™ service utilizes a patented process which accomplishes multiples goals:

  • Removes or minimizes dissolved and free solids - iron, carbonate, sulfate, magnesium, hydrogen sulfide, iron sulfide, biomass, and suspended solids
  • Completely eliminates biological bacterial contamination (both aerobic and anaerobic)
  • Adjusts water pH to a neutral or near neutral condition
  • Liberates entrained and emulsified oil. 

The treated water is suitable for reuse as a frac fluid, with solids and oil removed for further processing, sale or disposal. This system and method of treatment is only available from Sabre.

SabreSMART™ treatment can process up to 120,000 bbls of even the lowest quality fluid per day and has major efficacy and cost advantages over all other modular produced fluid recycling systems in the market.

Sabre can also administer chlorine dioxide treatment directly into containments on-site (pits, ponds or containers) or at a central location. With this direct application, Sabre's DiKlor® service can treat up to 400,000 barrels of fluid per day. DiKlor® is added to the produced fluid, which results in chemical separation of water, oil and solids within the containment, as well as oxidation of residual polymers and iron, elimination of H2S and FeS, and complete bacterial disinfection of the water.