Sabre's newest fleet is comprised of GEN8 mobile generation systems. These units are the most advanced and integrated chlorine dioxide systems in the oilfield, with the versatility to treat a wide array of applications and demands. The system's high-capacity allows treatment of frac and produced fluid on-the-fly, as well as perform SabreStim™ well stimulations. The GEN8 was carefully developed using two decades of experience implementing chlorine dioxide in the oilfield, the best patented generation technology in the industry, and in-house teams of engineers, scientists and operators. 

The fully-contained 53' footprint system houses a powerful, patent-protected chlorine dioxide generator, an internal power plant, a full laboratory for fluid and treatment analysis, temperature-controlled chemical housing, and full-automation capability. The units can run in any weather conditions and have fully redundant engineering of critical components to mitigate risks of downtime. 

Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide has been safely used in a variety of industries for decades as a powerful selective oxidant and as a US EPA-registered broad-spectrum microbiocide. Its use history and efficacy are well documented and it is used in hundreds of municipal water treatment facilities and food processing facilities in the US for controlling bacteria and sulfur compounds.

Sabre's patented generation system creates pure chlorine dioxide due to a pre-reaction of chemical precursors. Other chlorine dioxide generation systems react their precursors in the fluid stream, meaning purity and efficacy are limited by fluid quality, pH and rate.

Chlorine dioxide is ideal for oilfield applications because of its ability to penetrate materials that protect bacteria from conventional biocides, such as hydrocarbons and scale. Because chlorine dioxide is a selective oxidant, it specifically reacts with materials such as bacteria, heavy metals and sulfides, without creating brominated, chlorinated or corrosive byproducts.

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